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Now this I adore. It takes everything I loved about your PvP, and cranks it up to feels. The shading is perfect in both contrast to the...

Just saw this episode. This piece captured all the emotions I felt as I watched. From Pyrrha's self-doubt and confusion to Ruby's sense...

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The Warrior's Tree
    Long, long ago, there was a warrior. He was a giant of a man who could be defined as nothing but a warrior. Every aspect of his character, every fiber of his being, spewed power and dominance, like a new-born geyser. To his enemies, his stature inspired fear. To his fellows, he was a guardian. His exploits were the stories told with warm food and good company. Never was there a soul who accused the tales of being false, for each of his adventures was so epic and so outrageous, that there was no room for exaggeration.
    For years, the warrior roamed the world. Sword in hand, he slew the wicked and drove all manner of darkness back into its foul dwelling. Soldiers from all across the globe searched for him, braving incredible danger, just to spend at least one day under his tutelage. Upon their return, these men became the best fighters in the world. Their blades cleaved through stone, and their fists bent steel. However, none could ever match the magnificence o
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Leone Goldenrod: RWBY OC
RWBY OC Bio: Leone Goldenrod
                          While lions are some of the fiercest animals in the world, they are still cats. And, like all cats, they are often playful and lazy. No one in the entire world of Remnant personifies the childish spirit and incredible strength of the king of the jungle like Leone Goldenrod.
Name: Leone (Latin for lion) Goldenrod (Both a plant and color)
Race: Human
Age: 17
Color Scheme: Gold, tan, and gray.
Trailer Quote: "Those who crave strength never consider its burden. Those who have strength never understand the desire for it." - Drew S. Brueckl
Influence/Reference: Kamen Rider OOO’s SaGoZo combo, Gamel from Kamen Rider OOO, Tatsuko Itagaki from Maji De Watashi Nii Koi (Oh Samurai Girls (The only dating sim with a story good enough that it made me want to watch all the walkthroughs)). No, she is not based off Leone from Akame Ga Kill, although I do love her, she is incredi
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RWBY: Hunter (Silva Trailer)
Silva Theme: Hunter
Chains break,
Bars bend,
Nothing left to hold me down.
Get back,
Cause no cage,
Can hold this unyielding rage!
I am a Hunter restrained by fate,
Filling a hunger I cannot sate!
No line between beast and man,
Run now while you can!
Beaten and in pain,
No way to escape the shame!
All your effort were in vain,
So prepare for the fear when you utter out my name!
No place,
To hide,
No way to escape my fate!
No one,
At my side,
Just me to hate the fear that travels with my name!
I am the Hunter and the prey,
We are one and the same.
I am my own greatest shame.
I am the beast, wild and untamed!
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SLPH: Prologue
SLPH: A RWBY Fanfiction
    Ozpin’s Office
    It was a quiet day for Ozpin, headmaster for the prestigious Huntsmen academy of Beacon. At the moment, he was in his office inside of the academy’s clock tower, spending his rare quality time alone without the presence of his almost constant companion and assistant, Glynda Goodwitch. Sipping his always present cup of coffee, Ozpin looked back on what was definitely a relatively quiet day. No major Grimm attacks, no disputes between the students, and even less than the usual property damage during sparring matches. Even the erratic Profes- Doctor Oobleck was calm (or at least his version) today. However, Ozpin knew from experience that this was just a calm before the storm. And men like him always find ways of getting the forecast early.
    Suddenly, his doors were flung open. Knowing only a handful of people who would act in such a way in his company, and knowing where eac
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Silva Forestier: RWBY OC
RWBY OC Bio: Silva Forestier
                      In the world of Remnant, there are many who hate the creatures known as Grimm. It is no understatement to say that every human would cheer at their extinction. However, no one on Remnant has a deeper hatred for the Beowolf Grimm than Silva Forestier.
Name: Silva Forestier (Silva is Latin for “The forest”, while Forestier is French for forest)
Race: Faunus (Wolverine)
Age: 17
Color: Dark Green and Brown (Forest Colors)
Trailer Quote: "It is often those that resign themselves to darkness are the ones whom shine the brightest, even when they have forsaken redemption." -Drew S. Brueckl
Influence/Reference: Sonic Unleashed (both Canon and noncanon, thank you maruringo), Guts from Berserk, Asuma from Naruto, wolverines(the actual animal, without adamantium).
Symbol: A green wolverine head with a brown knife in its jaws.
Occupation: Beacon Student (officially), Former Student
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One Piece OC: Roronoa Masahiro Bio

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Just saw it! Looks Awesome! We finally see Jaunes Hoodie. I always thought the logo was a second plate of armor!

Also, Nora and Ren bring up a good point: JNRR or RNJR?

"His arm is a tree! HIS ARM IS A TREE!!"


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That's Plo Koon! While awesome and in my top 10, it's not the same!
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